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A new Kickstarter project is hoping to combine some popular recent gadget trends with commonly sought after DSLR and pro photography features for a Bluetooth gadget that’s unique and more versatile than most in the same category. It’s called the MaxStone, and it’s a smartphone controlled camera shutter, Bluetooth device locator and remote smartphone shutter trigger all in one.

The MaxStone is a small device powered by a single watch battery that you affix to your camera via a simple loop strap. It attaches in touch a way that it covers the camera’s shutter button, and hands down a small, pebble-like main body in front of your camera’s IR sensor. This actually contains an IR blaster that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, so that you can remotely trigger the camera’s shutter from your device. It’s a lot more low-tech than using Wi-Fi or something like that, but it…

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Cybersmart business uncapped
Cybersmart does not endorse fake interpreters


Mozilla’s HTML5-based open mobile platform Firefox OS, which bagged support from a raft of carriers at the start of this year as a low cost alternative to Android-based smartphones, is gearing up to launch in more markets.

New device hardware running FFOS is also incoming, Mozilla said today in a blog — although it’s not naming the forthcoming markets and devices at this point, noting only that new phones will run the latest version of the OS, FFOS (1.1), also announced today.

“Individual partners will announce specifics about upcoming launches in each market,” it added.

New features in the v1.1 update to FFOS include: performance improvements, such as better app load times and smoother scrolling; support for new languages (now more than 15 languages); support for MMS; a push notifications API; and more. “This Firefox OS update will be available for current users and on developer phones soon,” said Mozilla.

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“With @Jack, @Ev & @biz at @Twitter today, together, guessing the IPO/S-1 filing will probably happen tomorrow,” Om Malik tweeted last Thursday, presciently predicting the arrival of the company’s S-1 a couple of hours — not 24 hours — later.

So clearly this was planned, the world is thinking. Twitter, champion of the news cycle, doing some more skillful cycling. Well, not exactly.

From what we’re hearing, the Very Special Tea Time was not a pre-IPO production. The three founders were at the company’s 1355 Market headquarters coincidentally after Twitter CEO Dick Costolo had promised to bring the band back together in front of all employees. Jack Dorsey and Ev Williams had jointly appeared at a recent sales conference in San Francisco this past summer to great success, and someone had asked for a rematch. The last time all three core founders had spoken together was when Twitter had…

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PayPal(s ebay) isn’t quite done retooling its mobile app – in fact it’s saving the biggest upgrade of them all for early next year. On Wednesday the payments giant revealed at the Money2020 conference in Las Vegas that it is creating another new version of its mobile wallet that could be used to make payments in millions of stores without any significant upgrade at the check-out counter.

Called Payment Code, the technology uses the barcode scanners and PIN pads millions of retailers already have installed at their sales counters. According to PayPal head of retail Don Kingsborough, that allows PayPal to overcome two of the biggest obstacles to mobile payment adoption: getting the proper point-of-sale equipment into stores and training salespeople how to use it.

“If you don’t have technology where the consumer wants to shop, what’s the point?” Kingsborough said.

PayPal is partnering with Discover Financial Services, using its…

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Kids love iPads, and kids love watching TV. Combine both, and you got yourself a killer app. That’s the thinking behind Amazon’s (S AMZN) FreeTime Unlimited offering, and it’s also the reason why Netflix(s NFLX) has its Just for Kids UI. But Movile, the Latin American mobile entertainment specialist, thinks it can compete with the big guys.

Movile launched its PlayKids TV iPad app in the U.S. four months ago, and the company is going to announce Tuesday that it has secured the rights for Caillou, Super Why!, CareBears and ten other shows from PBS, DHX Media, Henson and Televix Entertainment. With these new shows, PlayKids is going to offer kids between the ages of 2 and 5 up to 30 age-appropriate shows as well as games and lullabies.

PlayKids offers access to one episode per show for free, and parents have to pay $5 per…

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The Future Of Cloud Computing

The Next Generation


Cyber Tech News


Concern over U.S. dominance in the cloud may drive change in the European market, where a number of local companies have sprung up to compete.

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GTA5-grand-theft-auto-32709796-960-540gta5 gal GTA-5-11-17-12-2

340139GTA 5

The most anticipated game of 2013

Gaming and Linux in the same heading makes for interesting reading to all our followers


In his keynote today at Linuxcon, Valve CEO and Founder Gabe Newell said Linux is the future of gaming and hinted about the announcement next week of a gaming box built on the open-source operating environment.

As proof of Linux’s bright future, Newell pointed to Steam, the company’s online platform. Since it launched last spring, developers have created 198 games on it.

He said it points to a future in which games will be nodes in a connected economy where the vast majority of goods and services will be created by individuals not companies.

The reasons for Linux’s rosy future dates back to the age when PC vendors ruled with proprietary technologies. By blocking competitors, open systems emerged and the proprietary hardware became less relevant. Today, PC gaming is where the innovation is occurring, with the most interesting developments coming from open communities.

He said proprietary systems create friction, which…

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